Websites On Smartphones

Nowadays, many websites are creating mobile versions of their websites. This is because, many people now use their phones to access the internet rather than their laptops or desktops. Desktops and laptops are more commonly used now for creating documents, or for business purposes, and smartphones are used more for just browsing the web. This is because smartphones are quicker and easier to use for quick check ups of websites. For example, if someone wants to check their Facebook account, if they have not got the app on their phone, they can use the mobile website which is much easier than trying to use the desktop version on a smartphone. Mobile versions are easier to use on a smart phone than desktop version because they are designed specifically to fit the screen. By creating a mobile version, it opens the website up to a wider range of people, gaining more use of the website.


2 thoughts on “Websites On Smartphones

  1. This is a very good answer that thoroughly explains why many websites create app versions. You have justified why and have also provided examples to help support your comments. Well done.

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